3 Basic Grades of Plywood Commonly Used in India

Plywood, otherwise called Engineered Wood is manufactured in diversified grades in India and around the globe . Only after having a deep insight into the grading system, you can determine the quality parameters and potential applications. This article deals with the most commonly found, manufactured and used plywood in India.

MR Grade

MR variant connotes Moisture Resistant. The ply falling under this form is also said to be the commercial variant. Being interior range stuff, it is best suitable for indoor applications. The abbreviation MR (moisture resistant) may sound a little bit confusing, but as a customer, you should take notice of the fact that 'moisture resistant' never means 'waterproof'.

What it means is that it has strong resisting ability against moisture and humidity. Homes and offices are the spaces where this type of stuff is most commonly utilized. In case, you are willing to get your furniture built as a fully waterproof piece, then you should move to BWR varaint. BWR comes pricy in comparison to commercial MR range ply, but it is an ideal choice for those pieces of furniture which are likely to get wet, for instance - kitchen cabinets. IS : 303 is the Indian Standards for this form of stuff.

BWR Grade

BWR means Boiling Water Resistant. The plywood falling under this category is popular as exterior form waterproof. It is considered to be better than MR stuff. It is most commonly utilized to meet the needs of furniture pieces which are more exposed to watery conditions. For kitchen furniture and each and every place where things take place around water, BWR is simply the best option. IS: 303 the Indian Standards for this category of engineered wood. Almost all the Best Plywood Companies in India manufacture and supply this type of wood across the country.


Marine scores very heavily over both MR and BWR wood in terms of superiority in strength and quality parameters. It is utilized for exterior marine applications including boat-making and for the wood construction work needed to be done in ships.

To be a perfect peace of Marine stuff, the end product has to conform to some certain number of criteria:

  • The adhesive used must be fully waterproof
  • Voids are to be avoided
  • Face and inside veneers need to be of the highest quality

With the advancement of technology, the methodology of engineering wood manufacturing adopted by leading plywood companies in India has also witnessed a sea change in the past 2 decades. As a result, apart from these 3 basic grades, various new categories like Flexible, Fire Retardant, Industrial category, Structural and Phenolic Film-faced Concrete Shuttering variant have also come into existence to serve a variety of purposes.