8 Questions to ask Toronto based Plastic Surgeon about you for Breast Augmentation

Most women in Toronto looking for breast augmentation go to various doctors for consultation before choosing one. Having the absolute knowledge about your Toronto based plastic surgeon is important to decide on how to choose and to trust him. It is equally important to know about yourself and how practical your requirements are or how will you look after your breast augmentation procedure.

When you have chosen your plastic surgeon you may ask the following questions, whose answers will help you get prepared for the breast augmentation cosmetic surgery in Toronto and be ready for a satisfactory outcome that will boost your confidence.

    1.Am I a good candidate in Toronto for breast augmentation?
Certain emotional states and habits might not make you an ideal candidate for breast augmentation. Be honest with your Toronto based plastic surgeon to avoid serious complications in future.

    2.What will be expected from me to get the best results?
The pre and post surgery steps you need to take will be instructed to you by your Toronto based plastic surgeon. If you can’t quit smoking or you cannot take time off from work to recover, you should reconsider about the surgery.

    3.What shape, size, and surface texturing are recommended for me?
Each individual's preference and body type will require something different. The best plastic surgeon of Toronto will recommend you the size, shape and texturing that suits your body shape perfectly and matches your requirements.

    4.What incision type is the best for me?
Incision can be done in the underarm area, at the border of the areola, and in the crease at the bottom of the breast. The incision site solely depends upon your preferences, although an expert surgeon of breast augmentation cosmetic surgery in Toronto may go for the bottom of the breast incision because it leaves the least noticeable scar.

    5.Which is the best size of implant for me?
For any plastic surgeon in Toronto, breast augmentation is a customized service. The best size for implant is decided by taking into consideration your overall build, chest circumference, shoulder width, height, weight, and current breast size as well.

    6.How long will my recovery be and will I need help after my breast augmentation plastic surgery in Toronto?
It is important to know everything to expect after surgery and long will these changes last. Minimally speaking, you will need a friend to drive you from and to your home in Toronto after your plastic surgery, stay with you for at least a week post-surgery, and help you in doing necessary errands so that you can recover properly.

    7.What are the risks and complications associated with breast augmentation?
As in the case of any medical surgery, there are certain risks associated with the surgery. Hence, it is customary to weigh the benefits versus risks of your breast augmentation by Toronto based plastic surgeon.

    8.How will my ability to breastfeed be affected?
Many women in Toronto have gone through breast augmentation when they are young and haven’t yet had children. Pregnancy plans are important to discuss with your surgeon as it may affect the timing of your cosmetic surgery in Toronto.

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