amil baba | Taweez for love| kala jadu ka ilaj by amil baba

Taveez tawiz or taweez is a unique term indicating charm. Taweezat has a dual meaning indicating towards charms and talismans .Nearly all of you're conscious about the utilization of charms and we also know there are several types of talismans and charms same like there are many forms of Taweezat.The person who spesilize in the field of making taweezat is called amil baba

Muslims prepared taweezs which may have Quranic or satanic verses in Arabic .They make it on paper or virgin parchment from a goats skin , some times silve and the gold material is also used . Generally, it's prepared with saffron and if the taweez are satanic they are written from black goats blood.There are various forms of taweezat tilismat and charms in which the Quranic verses numaric values are made on small pieces of silver and gold.

There are many forms of tawiz which are created ,but it must be observed that each taweez is prepared for unique function and problem. It must be observed that photocopy taweez or charms do not work. The reason behind The cause of that is} that each taweez is dependent on why and what it is made for and one more important thing that the taveez should be made by amil baba who is an expert in the field of numerology and astrology.

Various|Forms of Taweezat:-

Taweez for love | love marriage

Taweez for love relationship and marriage problems , Taweez for the husband or partner and wife related issues .taweez for lost love back manpasand shadi tawviz taweezat for boyfriend girl issues .These type of tawiz are written in the hour of venus or Jupiter.The best days to write this taweezat are Sunday-Wednesday and Thursday.

Taweez for success (fortune,luck,wealth,money)

These type of tawiz are written for good luck gaining wealth and fortune and are made by using numerical and astrological readings according to the name and date of birth of a person.The best day to make them is on Friday in the hour of mercury.The sweet smell of rose and sandalwood is burned during the preparation.

Tawiz for Dushman(enemy)

The taweez for enemy , destruction of an enemy ,killing your enemy, means taweez for dushman , tawiz zubanbandi, taveez dushman ki barbade should be made in the hour of marz and the day of tuesday.Any bitter insence can be used such as black pepar .The professional services of amil baba shall be used as its effects can fire back.Lot of taweez are made for kala jadu ka ilaj cure purpose.



Basic standard taweez are derived from are four in number

1.Earth Taweez

That taweez should be etched on material paper or sheet wrapped in a cloth or a bottle .The taweez is effective if burried in soil or sand near a tree river or grave yard depending for the pourpose it is made for.

2.Fire taveez :

These are the tawiz made for the people with the element of fire and are used by either tawwez burning in oil lamps or placement of them near a place where the get proper heat.Heat energy is the main element which makes them work.

3.Water Tawez:.

These tweeze uses the energy from the flow of water and shall be buried at the edge of river lakes and ponds or shall be secured in a bottle and thrown into the water to get best results.

Air Taweez:- These taweez are hanged in such a way that they get free movement from air to activate them , they are usually hanged on the trees fans or anywhere there is air movement.