Are DUI lawyers worth the cost? Do you get better outcomes?

Martindale-Nolo research revealed that the total cost for DUI range from 4,000 to $8,000. The research found that the process took about 6 to 12 months from arrest date to resolution. One of the questions to ask if faced with DUI charges is whether or not to get a Dui lawyer in Eugene and Dui attorneys from Oregon. The answer might depend on your assessment of the situation. In some cases, help from Dui lawyers in Eugene Oregon or Dui lawyer in Oregon can prove very helpful because you get reduction in penalties and reduce the duration of arriving at a resolution.

Once you decide to use legal help, you will have to make a choice between hiring a public defender or Dui lawyer in Eugene/Dui attorneys in Oregon.

Some people go ahead and represent themselves when facing those charges. The research above showed that the percentage of convictions was lower among those who used private lawyers after being accused of some form of DUI when compared to those who used public defenders and those who represented themselves. It was 65 percent compared to 74 percent among those helped by public defenders and 74 percent among those who represented themselves. 12 percent of this group had their charges dismissed or never filed while one percent of them were found not guilty after trial.

These are some of the explicit reasons you might want to hire a Dui lawyer in Eugene Oregon or a Dui lawyer from Oregon.
The study revealed that 21 percent of people using private lawyers also succeeded to plea for lesser, non-DUI offenses. The offenses included reckless driving, "wet reckless," and impaired driving. Zero percent of those who represented themselves got "lesser" pleas and only 7 percent of those who used public defenders got lesser pleas. In some cases, however, the prosecution offers standard deal whether a lawyer is involved or not.

In hiring a lawyer, however, the outcome will certainly depend on the kind of lawyer, their qualification and experience and ability to turn things around.  Help from Dui lawyers in Eugene Oregon or Dui lawyer in Oregon will come with added advantages such as advice on how to avoid future Dui oregon first offense.