Are you choosing the right web hosting company?

Domain names don't have anything related to web hosting and could be enrolled independently in the hosting package. There are benefits when you've domain and hosting different. For instance, if the hosting company you've picked fails to offer an excellent provider, all you have to do is find a much better web hosting companies and adjust the domain preferences. When you have a domain and hosting together with the same firm, and the business stops trading, then the very last thing they consider is your hosting or domain. By having them separate, you're lowering the risk.

Cons of Signing up the domain with your hosting Firm

Many web site hosting companies offer to register domains on your behalf. You think your domain is together with your hosting business, when, in reality, they register via third party accounts for you. Then you get a statement in two years out of a company you've never heard about, ignore this, and at the worst case shed your domain.

What's more, often, you won't receive access to a domain name information, nor you will be given a domain control panel access. Why do you want a domain control panel? You need to able to upgrade the contact info for your domain(s). Should you go house by way of instance and don't upgrade your domain information and for a reason you will need to modify registrar etc. (or even as your hosting firm ceased trading). Then you're at risk of losing your domain since you can't prove any longer you're the owner of a specific domain name.

Larger hosting providers

Take a good look on the web for various best domain hosting companies. There are lots of big hosting companies available for example The benefit of enrolling with a large hosting business is they have barely any downtime, and also their servers are going to be up-to-date and fast with the most recent spam security. Website hosting could be expensive though if you enroll with a large hosting company and should you desire any extra services, then you'll need to cover them. Support may be a problem too - you normally have to struggle through countless "Frequently Asked Questions" before you're permitted to send an email to their service staff.


Check with your hosting business how often backups are created. Copies are set up on a daily basis. Please check whether they have a backup routine in place.

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