Brown sugar scrub for scalp

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Have you ever heard of special scalp and hair scrubs? What are they needed for? Where I can find one? Here are the most typical question that raise in your mind, when you hear about scalp scrubs. Today, our professionals at barber shop in midtown are ready to provide you with all coveted answers. In fact, head scrub is a very useful thing. Regular using of this product improves the circulation of blood flow in your scalp, exfoliates gently and stimulates inner follicles to produce new, healthy strands. If you want to try such scrub right now, there is no need to run to nearest drugstore in order to buy some bottled chemicals. Natural remedies are always better, and brown sugar based ones are the best one for pampering your hair. Check out these three simple, but working recipes of homemade scrubs.


# 1 Brown Sugar + Oatmeal

Here is a wonderful recipe for people with dry hair. If you have such hair type, the main task for you is to exfoliate gently your scalp, without causing any harm to damaged strands. Removing of dirt and excessive oil should go together with proper nourishing and hydrating, that is why oatmeal and brown sugar is a perfect combination. Just mix these two ingredients and add few drops of olive oil and your regular conditioner.


# 2 Brown Sugar + Jojoba Oil

Adding a jojoba oil into your brown sugar based scrub will help you to get rid of dandruff and dry scalp. It is one of the most common problems in modern world, so using these scrub will bring back your former charm. If you have bright, blonde hair, you can also add small amount of lemon juice, to highlight your natural color and shine.


# 3 Brown Sugar + Baking Soda

Do you feel sick and tired of greasy, oily hair and have no strength to fight it? This scalp scrub will give you coveter relief. Few drops of tea tree oil will improve general impact and provide you with nice smell for the whole day. Baking soda, in its turn, soak up excessive sebum on your roots and make them look fresh and voluminous.


Choose one of these recipes, and enjoy gorgeous hair!