Circulation Vs. Non-Circulation Coins

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Coin collecting is a hobby enjoyed by the old and young alike for centuries. In feudalist times, coin collecting was once considered a hobby of the blue-bloods, thus spawning it’s crowning as “king of hobbies” and the “hobby of kings”. The hobby of coin collecting has stood the test of time and has actually become increasingly popular in more recent times.  

Well, why do people still collect coins today?  Some collectors enjoy the thrill of chasing down the ever elusive coin values. Some expect a massive appreciation in value as they become rarer. Others inherited the pastime from their elders and some simply enjoy the story that coins tell.  

The best coin values can’t resist the lure of both circulation and non-circulation coins. Each type offers special benefits, but one age old debate amongst coin-collectors is which is the proffered type of coin, circulated or uncirculated? While both types are valuable in their own right, their inherent qualities, availability, and condition contribute to this debate.

Circulated coins are classified as the coins that you and I use in commerce and everyday transactions. You can get them from the clerk when checking out at the grocery store or you can find them on the ground as you walk down the street.

Many coin-collectors will tell you that building a coin collection is a journey. It’s a known fact that circulated coins go a lot of places and have touched many hands. Why ruin the thrill of this process by purchasing them outright? To coin collectors who prefer circulated coins, no emotion can compare to unexpectedly stumbling across that rare coin. What a way to justify your obsession? Organically finding a rare coin is sure to make you the envy of all of your coin collecting friends.

Secondly, coin collecting wasn’t a hobby of the kings for nothing! Coin collections are often a huge investment and can be quite expensive. For the cost-conscious collector, purchasing or finding circulated coins is typically cheaper than purchasing uncirculated coins. One thing is for certain, you will never get uncirculated coins for free!

Finally, the wear and tear on a circulated coin tells a story. This is something you won’t find on circulated coins. History can be found in each and every nick and ding on a coin. Why miss out having a coin collection full of stories?  

Uncirculated coins are the coins that you won’t find just everywhere.  They are often available through mints, financial institution, or dealers. They are pretty and carry the luster that you just won’t see in coins used in transactions.

For beginning collectors looking for a quick start, a quick trip to any of of these locations can start off quite the coin-collection. Veteran collectors often go through dealers to find extremely rare or no longer used coins. Some collectors search their entire lives and never come across coveted coins. One visit to the local dealer can quickly change this.

Secondly, for collectors looking for value appreciation, one way to ensure the most money is the have high quality coins. Many veteran collectors prefer their coins in the best possible condition possible, and that is mint condition. Hence the word mint.  The shine and gleam of your uncirculated coins directly translate into more money!

Finally, dealers offer the ability to purchase in bulk and/or with casing. Some circulated coins come across once in a lifetime. You might have found one rare coin but what are the chances of finding two of them? Furthermore, coin collecting also requires proper presentation and storage. When purchasing uncirculated coins, collectors can purchase as many of certain coins as they can afford. With the purchase of these coins, they also get exactly what’s required to make any collection official, packaging and showcasing materials. How can circulated coins compete with that?

Whether you are enjoying this hobby for the fun of it, as an investment, or the history associated with them building a collection isn’t easy. Regarding which type of coin is better for coin collection, well, it’s a tie! Circulated and uncirculated coins both have their own unique offerings. How coveted a coin is, ultimately, relies on the hobbyists. In conclusion, don’t limit yourself to one type. Circulated and non-circulated coins are essential to any collector’s portfolio.