Corporate Health Program and Benefits

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Today the world has reached a stage where every other person is busy more than ever. Most people operate out of concrete offices and better part of the day is spent sitting at a desk looking at the computer screens. It is pretty easy to garner unhealthy habits this way. For corporate offices, this area raises a huge issue of concern as such unhealthy habits and ignorance towards employee health have given rise to a number of health related issues like increased obesity, fatigue and other diseases. All of this mentioned above have resulted in employee absenteeism, increased health insurance claims and hindering employee productivity. A number of corporate houses nowadays are adapting several corporate nutrition programs or appointing nutritionist for corporates to improve employee fitness and wellbeing.

5 Steps you can take to address this issue:

1. Provide your employees with accessible corporate nutrition program

In a large company setup it is relatively essential to provide the employees with an economic but effective nutrition program. Such programs highlight the areas of concern and chart out a proper weight maintenance plan including both diet and exercise keeping in mind the individual work hours of each employee. Corporate nutrition programs also provide regular health consultation.

2. Structure a health conscious work environment

Employee wellness is highly dependent on the environment they work and spend around 7-8 hours daily. A healthy work environment means an office which is clean, with good ventilation and natural light. Many corporate arrange for daily lunch or light snacks for the employees. It is absolutely necessary to provide healthy food which includes fresh fruits and vegetables in order to imbibe the healthy streak amongst the employees.

3. Offer regular health check up to your employees

Provide the office staff with a nutritionist for corporates or avail an accessible health screening plan which will offer regular full body health check up to your employees. This is a precautionary measure to avoid any individual falling sick and prevent unforeseen employee absenteeism.

4. Impart education on the importance of fitness within a busy lifestyle

While work is important, it is also important to take care of our overall health, mind and body. Only if you stay healthy, can you deliver work. Corporate Houses should organise frequent education sessions for the employees to impart knowledge on the advantages of a healthy body and mind and how to implement healthy habits in your workplace.

5. Build employee motivation by organizing frequent team outings

You must have heard the saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, this hold true even today. Indulging your employees with frequent team outings or outdoor meet ups, keeps them motivated to work, keeps their confidence boosted and also flourishes healthy team bonding.
Healthy team of employees mean a healthy work eco system, employees are the most eminent part of any organisation and it is really important to take care of their health and wellness for better employee productivity. Take necessary steps today to bring change in your corporate working space.