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In the age of the increased competition for grabbing quality education and promising career, careful and smart preparation is the key to success. Source Books India, an imprint of Viva Books Private Limited is one of the leading publisher, providing students an authentic & reliable source of both skills and guidance through competitive exam books like SSB. Service Selection Board interview is a 5-day personality test interview conducted by higher officials in India to recruit people for Armed Forces. A person new to this and planning for a coaching outside can also refer some competitive exam books which could help him/her to be qualified in the interview.

 The source books have a strong expertise in best SSB books which can really help you with its guidance and make you self-confident to face the SSB interviews being conducted in India.

The source books India delivers the guidance helping the aspirants through all stages of SSB interviews. The order set by the editor in the book helps the student to understand the interview and to tackle the questions well. The part- I of the book deals with interviews, screening tests, psychological test series, group testing officers tasks, interview techniques and the conference procedure whereas the Part II on other hand covers Service Related information, geo-politics and national issues.

 This competitive material will surely elaborate itself and gives you a detailed guidance of SSB.

One of the top most selling SSB interview cracking source book which briefs the students with the introduction of Armed Forces as a choice of the career. The book follows a structure of sequential order to prepare thoroughly. The contents of their competitive exam books source book follows with the factors assessed, the five-day cycle, the basic screening test, information required from the candidate, and trainability of the candidate. This is a practical visualizing book which helps the students to visualize the five day process of SSB interview and also conducts few Psycho Intelligence Tests to find out the lag of the student and improve him/her accordingly.