Creating a spiky look

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Spiky hairstyle is back in trend again. More and more celebrities prefer to embrace for red carpets. Look at Taylor Lautner, he looks cool with black, spiky hair. However, achieving similar look can appear to be a quite difficult task. Not all hairstyling remedies can provide you with coveted effect and give you that stiffness and edgy image. If you are looking for new, interesting hairstyle to show your personality to the whole world, spiky hair is meant for you. Our professionals at barber shop in manhattan created top 3 ideal styling products for your handsome hair.


# 1 Extra strong hair gel

Hair gel is one of the most popular hair styling products all over the world. A very small amount of it creates perfectly slick and shiny spikes on your hair. The main task here is not to overdo with it, in other case your hair will look like a plastic one. Buying a hair gel, pay attention you choose the one with extra hold and maximum fixation.


# 2 Hair wax

Hair wax is better for creating more natural looking spikes on thin hair. Shaping your mane will also be much easier with was, but not with gel. Here it would be better for you to choose a wax with medium fixation and avoid buying a strong one. Matte or not – is completely up to you to decide, but if you are longing for natural coolness, matte is better.


# 3 Hair pomade

Want an extremely shiny and sharp look? Go for hair pomade! Using water – based pomade is a must, because only those can provide you with that radiance. Oil – based pomades are not the best decision for you, but if you already have one in stock, rock it all and make a handsome spikes. Strong hold and high shine go without saying.


Without any doubts, spiky hairstyle is a timeless look every guy should try at least once in his life. Of course, hair wax, pomade and gel are ordinary products men usually have at home, but  if you are looking for something unusual and  extraordinary, this is your way to go.