Eat right in Chennai; Choose in Style

Chennai is a melting pot of all kinds of cuisine. Be it Chinese or barbeque or Italian, Chennai has everything for the discerning foodie. There are certain items on the platter that is considered a must-try for the food lovers. Besides, most of best restaurants in Chennai are easily accessible. 

  Here is the must-try genre of restaurants in Chennai.

  1. Chinese

  There are a whole lot of Chinese restaurants in Chennai. The Chinese food has its own specialities. It is spicy, chock-full of soya sauce and contains cabbage. There several such restaurants that caters to this palate. The Chinese food style is a mix of plants and animals and that was grown mainly in the Chinese land. The Chinese restaurants in Chennai mainly provide starch staples, vegetables like malva, Chinese cabbage, turnip; fruits include apricot, plum, jujube date etc. The Chinese restaurants in Velachery deserves a special mention,

  2. Fine dining 

  Fine dining belongs to the slightly high-end spectrum. It contains all kinds of items that are available. It includes dosa, idli, Paniyaram, among authentic items. While on the other genre, it provides western, Chinese, Indian etc. The fine dining restaurants in Chennai caters to various sections of the people. The genre is almost like multi-cuisine and it offers all under one roof.

  3. Italian restaurants

  Italy is synonymous with pizzas. There are several Italian restaurants in Chennai as well. Italian menu includes pizzas, pasta, and risotto among others. All these are available in plenty in the chain of Italian restaurants in Chennai. It may range from regular Pizza Hut and Dominos range to the high-end California Pizza Kitchen kind of restaurants,

  4. Barbeque food

  Barbecue or barbeque is actually a cooking method. It is also an equipment that’s been used for cooking. In BBQ model of cooking, the food is placed on indirect heat and it is  flavoured using a smoking process. There are several barbeque restaurants in Chennai. In Barbeque, there are three major techniques that have been used. They are smoking, roasting and braising. It actually goes through a major process and the food comes out hot crisp and tasty. 

  5. Sea food restaurants

  As the name indicates, seafood means that food that is available from the sea. It also means food that is prepared from items that are caught from the sea. The main types include shellfish, roe and fish. The shellfish include various species of molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms. Earlier sea mammals like whales and dolphins were consumed as food. But now it has become rare in modern times. Edible sea plants, such as some seaweed and microalgae, are widely eaten as seafood around the world. There are several such seafood restaurants in Chennai also.