Four Activities Included in Social Skills Certification with CEUs

Social skills are significant for your career and a progressive life. But in the current scenario, the millennial generation is completely engrossed in video games, smartphones, and other gadgets. They are completely disengaged from social life and prefer staying away from the society at large.

This isolation from social circles may create various psychological problems. In this context, social skills certification with CEUs has emerged as a potential platform to learn the most essential social and life skills. These skills can help you in shaping a successful and wonderful career.

What are Social Skills Certifications with CEUs?

This certification is offered by some reliable companies through various programs qualifying under the IACET/ANSI Standards and accredited by IACET. They offer nearly 4 CEUs through distant learning social skills training programs designed for teachers and professionals. The classroom curriculums for these certifications mostly include programs like social skills trainer for kids and teens as well as contemporary life skills train-the-trainer program. The training modules are well-designed through an interesting process which is tested and proven for inculcating the social skills. It includes fun activities, brain tricks, and memory games which will make learning fun for you. These include :

Eye Contact Activities :

Eye contact is important in conveying your confidence and ability to listen. Activities like staring contest or eyes on the forehead will enhance confidence of eye contacting. Most of the experts prefer this second activity where a fake eye sticker is pasted on the forehead and learners are persuaded to look at this sticker for a set period of time.

Idioms Activity :

Make a habit of playing idioms game. Also, you can make your own book of idioms by picking or learning them from various sources. Find and write idioms from interesting books, search on the internet, or write down the idioms that you hear from someone. This will help in developing communication skills without any curriculum theory.

Topic Conversation Activity :

Your interaction with people can last more if your power to speak on one topic is stronger. Under social skills certification with CEUs, you will learn how to initiate a conversation on any topic. These skills can be developed through some of the interesting games like Topic Game and Improvising Story Telling activity. Step into Conversation is also an illustrative activity planned by the certified trainers to improve conversational skills on a single topic.

Reading Faces :

It is important to learn the art of reading faces and interpret emotions of others. A wrong understanding of people’s behavior creates a confusing situation which may harm the people suffering from a deficit of social skills. Playing games like Emotion Charades, Matching Game, and Face Game to identify and understand different emotions prove effective in this regard.

These are some activities taught under social skills certification programs designed to train the professionals with proper strategies and skills for teaching them in the classroom settings.


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