The Fruit Puzzle Confusing People Round the Globe

This popular math puzzles was actually meant to be a small brain teaser but this has turned out to be the most discussed math puzzle on the web currently. On a simple look, the thing might look simple but the answers and tweets over the puzzle have had many heads turning towards it. It is one of the most popularly circulated puzzles on WhatsApp.

This puzzle involves apple, banana and coconut and each fruit is assigned a number. The designating numbers are added or subtracted to get a number. The hit line is the third line where people are confused if the answer is 14 or 16. There has also been the discussion over the number of the individual fruits. Banana comes in bunches of 4 in first two lines, but in the third line it comes as a bunch of 3. Also coconut is shown as two halves in the second line and as 1 half in the third line. This has successfully confused the people.

This has made people believe that one coconut half is 1 and two halves is taken as 2. The bunch of four bananas when accounted to number 4 would basically mean that a bunch of three should stand for number 3 and give the last line sum as 14. But in contrary, some people argue that coconuts stand for 2 and bananas stand for 4 regardless of the number of the individual count making the last line sum to 16.

Due to this increased confusion and even the celebrities posting about the puzzle, mathematicians have come in for the rescue to get a real answer to the puzzle. Other than 14 and 16, there were people who even stuck to 30 or 15 as the answer.  Dr Kevin Bowman who is a renowned mathematician at the University of Lancashire states that there is no answer to the puzzle that can be considered to be the correct answer. The number of answers that can be derived from the puzzle is numerous and this was pointed out in the latest edition of Daily Mail. This was bought some relief to the endless facebook comments and twitter messages over the puzzle.

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