Fun Activities For Grandkid Visits At Assisted Living Homes

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Kids are a bundle of joy, particularly for the elderly. Residents of assisted living homes yearn for love and care from their families. If your loved one is in a senior living facility, make him feel special by visiting often and building new memories.

Here are some fun activities you can perform during grandkid visits at the assisted living home:

Story telling

Children love stories whether it is a fairy tale, mystery, horror or adventure. Tell stories in a creative way to grab their attention. Select stories that leave behind an impactful message and help kids learn something from it. You can also encourage them to tell a story of their choice. It will not only help in bonding better but you will also learn about their interests. Add a cliffhanger at the end of the story so that your grandkid gets tempted to come back again. You can also make up stories to entertain them.

Apart from storytelling, you can help your grandkid with his homework. Your assistance will get him closer to you. It will also showcase your expertise in a particular subject.

Pursue photo albums and make a scrapbook

Kids love watching photos of their parents and grandparents in growing stages of their lives. Grab old photo albums and show them to your grandkids. Add a few stories associated with the photos to keep them engaged. You can also share important achievements of your life with them. If you have any old tapes or videos, show them to the kids. Buy some colored sheets, glitters, stickers, color pens etc. and make a scrapbook. Select a few pictures of family members in their young age, as adults, their achievements, holidays etc. and paste them in the scrapbook.

Talent showcase

Children take pride in everything they do, whether it is telling jokes, dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument or doing a cartwheel. Organize a talent show so that they can exhibit their abilities. Don’t limit to their talent alone but also show yours and become an inspiration. Give small gifts as a token of appreciation and enjoy a good time together.

Watch a movie

Make a list of movies, classics and new, that you want to see along with your grandkids. Rent a DVD, make some popcorns and be entertained by your pick. Movies like ‘’Parent Trap’’, ‘’Home Alone’’, ‘Princess Bride’’, etc. are a few suggestions.

Some Other Activities

Show-and-tell: Show-and-tell is a perfect opportunity to know your grandkids better. Pick objects that are important for both of you and narrate a story around them. This activity is not only fun but will help you to connect with grandkids at the intellectual level as well.

Scavenger hunt: Make clues with rhymes or riddles, put them around the room, house or garden area and make a list of the things they need to find. The challenge can be made more exciting by placing toys and candies with each item. This activity will make kids more familiar with the surroundings.

Play games: Seniors at assisted living homes can also engage kids in games and activities to make their time more pleasurable. Puzzles, board games, hide and seek are fun for kids as well as elders. Teach them a few games you played in your childhood to strengthen your bond with them.

Go for a walk: Take a walk with kids in a park or community ground. Watch different birds, insects, small animals, flowers etc. Take along a bird watching book or use a smartphone to identify the birds you see.

You can use the above mentioned tips to make your time with your grandchildren more memorable. Develop a strong bond and teach them about important things in life.