Gas Safe Engineer

A gas safe engineer is the person who makes sure your gas pipes are safe and secure.  Your gas safe engineer will ensure that you do not have to experience any dangerous events caused by your heating system. If you are not able to maintain your boiler it could be extremely dangerous and fatal.

There are several gas safe engineers out there who do not do their job well and several of them are putting you at a major risk. Gas safe engineers can make several mistakes.

They have several issues that go unnoticed and could lead to very bad results. Following are some mistakes amateur gas safe engineers could cause that lead to some major hazardous problems and you should always keep in check while you are in the process of getting your boiling system repaired. While fixing the gas pressure that had been set too high on purpose to test the gas safe engineers out following mistakes were seen:


While fixing the boiler the boiler was taken off for only 13 seconds.

·         Boiler case seal was not checked for leaks.

·         While the boiler case seal was not checked properly the flue was not fit correctly either.

  Common mistakes people make during heating You ignore the heating unit and boiler when it is not in use during the warmer seasons:

It is more than likely that during the summer seasons most people usually forget to look after their heaters. However you should make sure you keep in mind that they are properly maintained throughout the year and not just during the fall and winter seasons when they in the most use.  During the season you do not need to service your boiler nor the heating unit. You simply have to clean up the boiler after every 2 to 3 months.

You seem to ignore the drafts:
Make sure you do not let the cold air in your house which would result in the need to heat your home more eventually raising your energy bills. If you are able to cancel out all the drafts in your house, you do not need to heat as much and can always reduce your bills immensely.
You can search for drafts easily by using special techniques and locating the source of the drafts. Places including attics, windows, basements and chimneys are common places for drafts. Lighting fixtures and electrical outlets may also be a source of the drafts too.
You should make sure you seal your whole house and seal all the drafts in order to stop the cold winds from entering your house.

You keep the temperature too high:

You should never make your boiler overwork or keep the heating too high. If you take in to account how much the boiler’s repairing and replacing costs can be then it makes it pretty clear that you should be able to keep yourself safe from the hassle of overworking your appliances.

You keep the temperature too low:

When you keep the temperature too low and the energy low then the next day your heating appliances are forced to work twice as hard to completely make the house cold. You can decrease the temperature during the night time but avoid turning it off completely. Do not decrease it to the point where you cause your home pipes to freeze over and ruin your winter.