Get Business Valuations and Comprehensive Intellectual Property Services under One Roof

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Businesses in the USA have several economic assets that may need valuation by way of experts. One capable firm that has provided expert litigation consulting and testimony services on financial and economic issues since 1987 is ValuEconomics, Inc.

ValuEconomics is based in Los Angeles, California and its president Dr.Jules H. Kamin has all the required qualifications and rich experience to provide expert consulting on a range of industry and business issues. His area of expertise is in financial and economic ****ysis in industry, academia, litigation, and consulting.

Dr. Kamin is an expert in california intellectual property and los angeles intellectual property, and can guide you in case of any claim of infringement. These could include claims over trademarks, patents, copyrights, business trade dress, or even misappropriation of trade secrets.

ValuEconomics can assess the value of loss before you file a claim for copyright damages, trademark damages, or patent damage. Dr. Kamin’s experience as well as expertise can ensure that you receive compensation based on expert valuations.         

In addition to assessment of assets, Dr. Kamin also offers expert financial ****ysis on critical issues such as mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, interim C-level management, and forensic accounting. Furthermore, he also offers services that involve litigations pertaining to personal injury, wrongful death, and wrongful termination after valuation of the affected individual that faces impaired earnings due to any incident or accident.

Dr. Kamin has more than 35 years of experience in handling a wide range of financial and business issues affecting businesses spread across several industrial sectors. He has handled over 600 matters related to litigation concerning economic and financial issues. He has testified for defendants as well as plaintiffs in around 70 trials and hundreds of depositions.

His knowledge and skills can help you get professional and authoritative guidance on your los angeles intellectual property or california intellectual property case, or any other case involving payments or recovery of damages. Valuation of any asset, physical or otherwise, requires a wide range of expert skills in financial accounting, financial ****ysis, and economics. The biggest advantage of availing Dr. Kamin’s services is that you need not retain different experts since he possesses all the required skills and qualifications needed to integrate all relevant data and deliver favorable results.

Whether you require expert services in matters related to copyright damages, trademark damages, or any other form of damages that involves financial implications, ValuEconomics can provide the necessary services in a professional manner. You can certainly depend on the expert opinions and valuation services provided by Dr. Kamin under one roof.