Guide to Straight Stairlifts

The first question to ask is whether you need a straight or curved stairlift, whether you are buying a new or conditioned stairlifts. Many homes have straight stairs that can accommodate straight stairs, but the rail on which the stairlift runs can be bent. A curved stairlift is also needed when a straight staircase has a half landing.

A straight stairlift has a carriage that runs on a rail and the stairlift uses a single rail, meaning it is cheaper than curved stairlift due to lower production costs. Therefore, if it is possible to install any of these two types, you could let pricing affect the decision, in which case you go for straight stairlifts.
Although a reconditioned straight stairlift can be fitted on either side of the stairs, preferences, power supply and obstructions at the top or bottom determines the optimal side. The rail can be brought to a natural halt in a straight line if there is room at the bottom of the stairs. You can also use a manual or automatic hinge to lift the rail out of the door and other obstruction when space is an issue. A paddle is fitted on the arm wrest of the stairlift and it controls the hinged part. There could be differences among various models.

For the case of the top of stairs, the reconditioned stairlift should stop and allow the person to manually or automatically swivel round and dismount at the top of the stairs.

Installing a straight stairlift

It takes only about three hours to install. The equipment is powered by rechargeable battery to allow it run for some time even when the power is cut.

If you are looking for a refurbished stairlift, you can start by searching for one manufactured by a brand that you trust. Some brands simply look for partners to refurbish their stairlifts and then resell them at a lower price.

Stairlifts should always be installed with the help of an expert installer or technician from the company in order to run optimally. You will also avoid chances of it getting damaged and you are likely to reduce maintenance frequency and costs.

Maintenance and after sale services

After installation, stairlifts should be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition to selecting a good quality stairlift, proper maintenance should help prolong the life of the stairlift. Choosing a good quality stairlift can also lower the maintenance cost.

Many sellers, in addition to providing warranty for a stairlift, provide expert advice and free extensive brochure on taking care of your reconditioned stairlifts. For instance, such advice and manuals can help you carry out habitual and ordinary maintenance practices without calling in an expert technician, and this helps you lower down maintenance costs. It would also be great if a company can provide free home assessment for the stairlift or send someone to do installation.