how to check the quality of flight case

Flight case quality detection method

Nowadays due to uneven flight cases product quality is good or bad on the market, it’s very necessary for consumers to understand the quality detection method.

Let RK introduce some simple and easy to use and very effective method for you.


1, we should first check the flight cases appearance:

Check if the cases surface is smooth, without scratches, flaws.

Whether the cases body can be upright and steady on the ground.

All fours and flat, the corner of the cases is symmetrical.

Should pay attention to the aluminum cases shell four symmetrical angle.


2, Open flight cases,lid is perfectly fit to edge of the case ,and the gap is smaller.

Aluminum cases should be lined with EVA adhesion firmly.

Hinge rotation should be flexible, no block buckle close up and open.

Handle is firm, not loose.

Wheels or casters should be flexible.


The above is the commonly used flight cases quality testing methods.

As long as you strictly in accordance with the above mentioned one by one to detect,I believe that you will be able to select a high quality, good performance, cost-effective flight cases.