How to Cure Dandruff Problem with Herbal Hair Loss Remedies?

Free radicals play a key role in changing hair growth pattern, at the same time, those losing hair are either genetically susceptible to hair loss or suffer from loss of endocrines that triggers hair loss. Poor diet, smoking, diet deficient in vitamins and minerals, and environmental chemicals (or pollutants) can cause hair loss and dandruff.

Dandruff causes shedding of skin cells early and this can cause itching and production of skin flakes. To know how to cure dandruff problem, the causes such as immune reactions, metabolic factors or genetic conditions should be examined where people genetically programmed to lose hair, get bald early due to sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), triggered by environmental factors and chemical exposure.

Fungal infection on scalp due to sensitive skin and infected gut (damaged metabolism) can cause hair loss, which can be prevented by applying herbal hair loss remedies such as Hylix oil. The herbal remedy speeds up skin renewal and eliminates the culprit inflaming the skin. The oil when rubbed on scalp can prevent skin irritation caused by dandruff or fungal infections.

Dandruff is a common problem in winters because sunlight prevents yeast infections. Those suffering from eczema and psoriases are most susceptible to such conditions. Staying locked in air conditioned and overheated rooms cause dryness and release of skin flakes. To know how to cure dandruff problem - Include vitamin Bs, zinc and (as in garlic, onions) and reduce sugar intake.

Chronic health conditions lead to poor absorption of minerals in digestive tract and iron deficiency is one of the key reasons for hair loss in women. Women who diet to lose weight may suffer from hair loss. Emotional factors (stress) and high level of estrogen during childbirth prevent hair from falling and after childbirth the endocrine return to normal leading to excess hair fall when about one- fourth of hair can be lost in a few months.

Hyperthyroidism damages cell structure leading to loss of hair and even in hypothyroidism, hair gets thin and brittle.

Weak immunity and those suffering from neurological conditions (such as Parkinson’s) get dandruff more (researchers are still not clear why this happens). Those with weak immune and chemo therapy persistently get dandruff. This can be prevented by applying herbal hair loss remedies, which locks moisture of skin and improves blood circulation to the outer skin layers to prevent skin cracks leading to dandruff formation.

The research on sensory capability of skin and the peripheral and systemic response of the receptors on skin are linked to calcium channels which are responsible for identifying mechanical stress, temperature and chemical stimuli as well as the local neuro immuno endocrine circuitry - that causes inflammation and dry skin on coming in contact with chemicals.

This layer of skin can be nurtured by using herbal hair loss remedies - Hylix oil massage on scalp which contains natural astringent (Azadirachta Indica) and richest source of antioxidants (Phyllanthus Emblica) to fight free radicals. Rubbing oil on scalp provides the best ways to how to cure dandruff problem as herbs nourish skin layers, muscular tissues and prevent skin inflammation, dryness and improve functioning of local neuroimmunoendocrine circuitry.

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