How I became famous through DIY arts

My best friend and I love doing DIY arts. We have been friends since childhood. Our houses were just around the corner from one another. We never noticed how important this was to us until my friend Amy had to move away to the neighboring city.  Before she moved away we used to spend more than half the day at each other’s house. I missed my friend and I missed doing creative projects together. Sometimes I just wish that she would come back here but I know that’s not possible.

Sometime in the last month, my friend texted me. She asked me to download the PostAgain app. I had never heard of this app before. I am one of those people who hate useless apps. I seriously thought this is going to be a waste of my time but I downloaded it anyway because Amy asked me to. After downloading the app I made my profile and searched the content named "Our DIY Projects". Amy had made this content, especially for our projects. She had posted a couple of picture of the projects she was working on. The projects were really cool. I found that I could comment on the pictures she posted. I also posted the pictures of my current projects. This was fun.

Using the On Air chat room we discussed the next project we would begin together. Everything had become super easy. Moreover, the app was very easy to use. There was not a single feature that I did not understand. My friend showed me all the cool new DIY stuff that she had brought online. We were constantly chatting with each other when we began working on our project. After each hour we posted the pictures of our progress. At one point in our project, there was a special painting technique that my Amy did not understand so I made a video of how to do it and posted it on the app. This made working together very easy.

Gradually other people also discovered our content. They also posted the picture of what they were working on. People started giving various tips and tricks to about advanced DIY art techniques. I loved every minute of it. I never knew that interacting with so many different people would be so much fun. Our content quickly became very famous. The PostAgain app has become a special part of my life because I use it every day to talk to Amy and share everything with her. I do not feel her absence anymore because I feel like she is just a tap away. Now we are planning on making a DIY blog because we want to share everything with the world. If it becomes successful some of the credit will go to the Post Again app because this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for this app. Great app.