How to use FileStack File Picker for Cloud in Android?

FileStack Android allow your users to pull in their content from Dropbox, Facebook, and more! It is an amazing cloud integrated file picker by which you got ability to integrate and allow your users to upload and download content from more than 20 cloud drives. FileStack Android library provides an activity that your app can spawn that allows the user to open and save files.

FileStack Android Example

How to use FileStack Android library: For Gradle users: compile ‘io.filepicker:filepicker-android:4.0.2’ By default the following services are available (meaning of keys in brackets is described below):
  • Gallery (GALLERY)
  • Camera (CAMERA)
  • Facebook (FACEBOOK)
  • Amazon Cloud Drive (CLOUDDRIVE)
  • Dropbox (DROPBOX)
  • Box (BOX)
  • Gmail (GMAIL)
  • Instagram (INSTAGRAM)
  • Flickr (FLICKR)
  • Picasa (PICASA)
  • Github (GITHUB)
  • Google Drive (GOOGLE_DRIVE)
  • Evernote (EVERNOTE)
  • OneDrive (SKYDRIVE)
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