The methods about how to maintain leather flight cases

There are many types of flight cases, today to tell you about the leather flight case, the following is maintenance methods of the flight case:

a. It is recommended that should clean up the dust on the leather flight cases before storage the leather products.Generally, cortical products is best to go over the cortex maintenance oil.The first,squeeze oil on the clean cotton cloth, and then wipe the surface evenly to avoid the oil directly applied to the surface,which in order to avoid harm to the leather.

b. The cabinet of flight cases containing leather products must be kept ventilated. The natural fat of leather will be reduced gradually with the longer time or using-times , so even a very high quality leather goods also need to do regular maintenance.

c. Leather of leather flight cases easy to adsorb dust, so that should pay attention to anti-fouling.It’s should be pay more attention to high-grade frosted leather.Repeated wipe gently several times with a dry towel after wringing dry once a week.If you find any holes or broken burning phenomenon, do not arbitrarily repair.Please have a professional services directly.

d. After wiped with the dry cloth,You can gently wipe the metal with flour or toothpaste to deal with micro-oxidation.

Leather flight cases paint leather can be wiped with a soft cloth generally.

Maintenance of glossy leather :please use a little oil which is special for leather maintenance stained in soft cloth, and then wipe the leather with force.

Maintenance of dull leather: it’s usually just wiped with a cloth.