Nothing Better Than A Smile

The mission of specialists in pediatric dentistry is to offer every child or adolescent a healthy, beautiful, functional mouth, without differentiating between a child in good health or not, sane or not. To do this, they follow a curriculum that requires them three years of additional university studies and the development of a thesis in the field of health.

The Association of Pediatric Dentist in Ocala FL aims to improve the dentition of youngsters by keeping abreast of the latest advances in the profession and by endeavoring to benefit the generalists and the general public. A typical example is the elimination of the belief that the first appointment of the child should be made about 3 or 4 years; it is now proved that this initial appointment must be taken at the age of one year, its benefits are irrefutably demonstrated and the message begins to be understood by all.

The marketing of all so-called aesthetic dental products (teeth whitening, invisible orthodontics, dental facets of embellishment, etc.) has multiplied exponentially, proving society's enthusiasm for the perfect smile. And the children; are they not entitled to this smile? Dental caries, known as "early childhood caries", infect between 5% and 10% of toddlers, can handicap this famous smile and harm the child even if the child does not complain about pain; whether it is due to trauma, malocclusion or a syndrome that causes serious dental defects, pediatric dentist in Ocala FL know the importance of smiling in children. It is not a matter of waiting for him to be older to do something; the child needs a good dentition to feel comfortable in his community.

Pediatric dentist in Ocala FL, as well as general practitioners who love pediatric dentistry, have learned to guide their little patients with patience and skill. How satisfying is it for a dentist in general and for a pediatric dentist in particular, to have guided the teeth of the toddler from childhood to adulthood, through bad habits, lack of self-confidence, apprehensions, the various treatments that may sometimes be unpleasant, such as cases of trauma where displaced teeth can be realigned and kept alive.

What could be more rewarding for a pediatric dentist than to offer a young adult, who begins his active life with this invaluable baggage, comfortable and healthy teeth in a perfectly healthy mouth, oral hygiene habits that will enable him to succeed anywhere and anytime thanks to this unique communication tool – his smile.

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