office cleaning in canberra

We are a Canberra based cleaning company focused on providing the best quality commercial and office cleaning services available. We also specialise in commercial carpet and window cleaning services. Our small team is very professional and experienced in the cleaning industry, office cleaning companies canberra. Here at iCleaning Corporate we aim to offer our clients peace of mind and reliability in an industry littered with second rate operators. Our customers know they have a dedicated business owner that is prepared to go the extra mile to earn their repeat business.


Why is our cleaning quality so important?


When it comes to quality, its not just about how your office looks when you walk in of a morning that counts. More importantly its about HOW your office cleaning was done. I'm talking about cross contamination, the use of wrong chemicals etc. which ultimately boils down to a lack of training and employee laziness. When it comes to commercial cleaning companies, alot of them neglect to train their employees in the correct manner. Sure many of them will tell you that their office cleaners are trained and certified but this is often far from the truth. Such a lack of quality in cleaning can cost the client an extraordinary amount of money. The natural spread of germs and sickness is hard enough to kerb. Let alone helping along this process by way of cross-contamination and poor cleaning practices.

office cleaning in canberra


We are an ACTsmart Accredited Business  

iCleaning Corporate can play a vital role in helping your business be more environmently friendly. This includes recycling and waste management practices that are integrated into our office cleaning services in Canberra. The Actsmart Business and Office Cleaner Course trains on collecting and disposing waste and recyclable material, complying with regulations and adhering to occupational health and safety requirements. It is a nationally recognised accreditation that all of our employees undertake. So if your just as conscious of your impact on the environment as we are, hire a responsible commercial cleaning company in us! commercial cleaning in canberra