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Patanjali rahatkosh trust is a non-benefit association operational since 2010 with a dream "We submit ourselves to supporting the underprivileged in our general public and bolster the administration to enhance administration. Set up by the organizers of Integra swami ramdev ji, patanjali trust started patanjali online treatment and this trust exists to make noteworthy commitments to training in a way predictable with social equity, value, compassionate esteems, and maintainability inside the structure of mainstream and law based Indian commonwealth. Various key standards keep on guiding the procedure of the Trust's advancement. These standards profoundly advise our methodology and approach at many levels and merit articulating here. Instruction and Allied Areas as the Domain of Work: Education is a capable vehicle for social change, and it is the essential concentration of our work. We work basically for India's substantial underprivileged and minimized populace. Related areas, for example, wellbeing, nourishment, occupations, administration, and environment additionally have a basic bearing on instruction. We work in these territories, tending to their complex between related structures. In any case, we understand that it isn't feasible for a solitary association to work with level with power and center in every one of these regions, and thusly we adjust our endeavors in light of the idea of the particular difficulties, our own capacities and our capacity to work with accomplices, and broadened assets.

Size of Work: We look for foundational change – all our work is gone for making expansive – scale affects either specifically or by implication. Such framework – wide change that touches the vast underprivileged populace of India is conceivable just by working in close association with the administration. Be that as it may, we are interested in work freely and in addition with other private organizations, if required.  Information Creation: High – quality research and area learning is basic to driving change through arrangement and practice. Learning creation through a solid concentrate on look into is accordingly basic. Coordination of Theory and Practice: In a nation that does not have a culture of research, building information through research is basic; however this must be profoundly established in viable ground substances, for appropriateness. Our "scholarly community" and "practice" groups cooperate consistently and synergistically.  Organized Impact: It requires critical and nonstop exertion over numerous decades for any profound – attached change to occur in a nation like India, which is so huge, assorted, and complex. Such life span of exertion must be accomplished through unique "foundations." which make progress toward perfection, are receptive to their specific circumstance, and are intentional.