Mudras work directly on the brain. The brain has two halves or cerebral hemispheres, each with its own specific function. The right side is concerned with aspects such as intuition, creativity, and imagination. The left side is related to analytical and logical thinking, time, speech, and mathematical functions. They are linked by a band of nerve fibres called the corpus callosum. In most people, the function of these hemispheres is incoherent and non-synchronous, as indicated by electroencephalographic studies. This is because of mental and emotional processes. Inharmonious function of these hemispheres results in decline in perception, intuitive ability and overall intelligence. Mudras can help harmonize the two sides of the brain by acting directly on the nervous system. Mudras form energy circuits that confer conscious control over physical and mental functions.
Each mudra stimulates certain nerves that send a message to the brain. For example, each finger is linked to a different part of the brain. In the brain the hand takes up a very large proportion of the cortex. Therefore circuits made using fingers have a definite and powerful effect on the brain.
When the hands are placed in a particular mudra, the neuronal circuits are stimulated for a prolonged period of time which reinforces the specific effect of the mudra on the brain. If the right and left hands are both stimulating the brain, the effect is to bring the two hemispheres under conscious control. Repetition over a period of time, say weeks or months, makes this subtle action more conscious and one becomes aware of the subtle effect.
An example of such a mudra is gyana mudra. The word gyana means wisdom or knowledge, thus gyana mudra is the gesture of intuitive knowledge. This mudra can help improve concentration, memory and other logical functions of the brain.

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