prepare a pet flight equipment

How to prepare a pet flight equipment?

There are more and more pet need to flight. Not long ago,there is a hot topic that many pets was hurt even died during their flight ,because the pet escaped from the flight case.

Therefor you should choose a reasonable flight box for your pet to flight. there are some recommend.


1.choose a flight case.


The flight case for flight must meet the need to prevent the destruction of pets, escape and out of the container, air circulation, to prevent fecal leakage and other requirements.


Before the purchase of the appropriate flight case.

It is understood that a good flight case not only for the reinforced structure, chassis and surrounded by metal around, and left at the top of the vent, the opening can also be used solid lead wire.


It is recommended before boarding the top of the flight case tied to the fixed objects, so that the flight case is prevented from squeezing.

But also with a mat tied to the chassis for that the pet urine leakage and contamination of other goods.


2. prepare water and food

 During the flight, the pet is easy to feel thirsty, passengers need to prepare a large enough in the flight case drinking water (also appropriate to put some food), it is best to bring pets familiar with the basin, rice pot.


 In addition to the basin and the rice basin, the flight case can also be stuffed with the owner of the old clothes or pets usually like the toys, so that you can keep pets, you can also quickly stabilize the pet down.


By the way, the pet owner can also put his name, contact and pet copy of a document in a plastic bag attached to the flight case, so that if the wrong can also get the pet with it.