The Professional Travel Consultants Can Help You Understand The Schengen Visa Italy Requirements for A Smooth Visa Process

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The Schengen visa makes it possible for the tourists or the short term visitors to move across all the 26 EU countries with a single visa permit. This Schengen visa should be applied to the consulate where one is going to spend most of their trip or where one is going to land first in the EU countries. Those planning to visit Italy first can download the Italy Schengen visa application and meet all the requirements to get their visa approved. However, getting visa is a tedious and boring process and a little bit difficult to understand the Schengen visa Italy requirements who are applying for the first time. However, this should not hamper your spirit to enjoy a holiday in Italy and thus you can actually lookout for the best travel consultant like the Travelvisabookings who make life easy by taking care of all the documentation process for your smooth visa application process. They help you understand the Schengen visa Italy requirements and help you collect and file all the appropriate documents to get your visa processed in no time.
You first need to fill in the Italy Schengen visa application form filling all the columns with appropriate information and duly sign the form. This should be accompanied by two pass port size photographs with clear visibility of the picture and also a passport with at least two blank pages and also valid for three months from the date of return which is mandatory. The application should also be followed with a covering letter quoting the purpose of the visit and also details of your travel itinerary. You should also submit a medical insurance and proof of financial coverage for your stay in Italy. The original bank statements of the last three months with authorized stamp and signature of the bank is mandatory. A confirmed flight reservation and hotel booking should also be shown as proof for your travel itinerary. There are also some more documents required based on the purpose of your visit which shall be clearly informed to you by the travel consultant. The travel consultant also prepares you for the Italian visa interview with the expected questions so that you can face the interview confidently and simplify your visa process to visit the EU countries.
With the best travel consultant on your side there is no need to worry to meet the Schengen visa Italy requirements as the consultant helps you in every stage to get the visa process completed and enjoy your holiday trip to Italy.

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