RAM Mount Product Descriptions

Product 1: 'RAM-B-166-UN7U'

Putting together the essential kit for your road trip consists of a lot of things without a doubt, but there is one more item that you need to add to your list: a RAM Mount. As you can see, this looks similar to a lot of other different brands that offer car mounts and cell phone holders, but it all stops there. RAM mounts are the premium quality cell phone holders for your car and come with their own set of specifications to choose from.

Firstly, these are quality made with premium materials including high strength composite and stainless steel. The entire mount is rustproof so that being out in the elements is no match for its long life and quality that make it a must-have for those who want the best in everything.

The holder is designed for the device of your choice. It is spring loaded to fit your device even if it's an off-brand one. This is made even better with rubber coated tips on the arms so that your device stays perfectly in place and you won't fall out or twist once locked in.

The holder is poised on a 1 inch rubber ball that attached in a matching socket to allow you to change the angle of the device so that it is perfectly angled each time for comfortable viewing while moving and standing still.

With a lifetime warranty, this RAM mount is made in the USA for the comfort and convenience that you're looking for.

Product 2: 'RAM-B-201U'

When you're looking to take your cell phone or other mobile device with you, you need the right tools to help you get it looking and feeling just right. This is why you've determined that the RAM mount is the right option. That's great, but what about the “in between” parts that make this the right product for you? Exactly. That's why there's a double socket arm that you can take a look at to spruce up that holder that you are looking forward to enjoying on the open road.

This is standard size and will go between the RAM holder and the RAM mount so that you are going to be able to have the comfort and practical convenience of having a double socket arm. This will allow you to have more rotation options as well as more angles to choose from so that you are going to have a comfortable fit and view of your device once its in position.

The overall length is 3.69” and the socket to socket length is 3” for maximum usage and practicality. To match the rest of your sophisticated phone holder system by RAM, it is made from the same powder coated aluminum that is top quality for great wear and tear over the years. The rubber ball size is 1” for the right fit every time.

All parts are made in the USA and it comes with a lifetime warranty that you are going to find gives you security and comfort in your decision to purchase.

Product 3: 'RAM-B-176-A-UN7U'

In looking for the perfect mount option for your mobile device and your motorcycle, you'll have a list of requirements longer than you would have imagined. When you're looking to keep practicality and longevity in the same device, you're going to find that your results are limited. Luckily for you, this RAM mount is going to be the only one you need to look at.

It's a holder for whatever mobile device that you have, whether it's a popular brand or one that is just different enough not to fit in typical holders out there. This is a premium quality mount that is made from stainless steel and high strength composite to make sure that it will last you years and years even out in the elements.

With a 1” rubber ball for comfort and rotation, you'll be able to have a sleek looking mount for your device that hides a serious strength that you won't find amongst your other brand options out there on the market.

To fit on your motorcycle perfectly, the measurements of this RAM holder are:

Minimum Width = 1.875" (4.76cm) (Minimum Height = 4.25" or 10.80cm)

Maximum Width = 3.25" (7.62cm) (Minimum Height = 2.25" or 5.72cm)

Depth = 0.875" (2.22cm)

Additionally, since this USA made mount is all about giving each customer the satisfaction of a piece of mind, you'll be getting a lifetime warranty to make sure that you are always satisfied with lifespan and quality of your purchase. This makes it a must-have for your next trip.