Reasons for Motor Vehicles Failing the Ministry of Transport Test

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The acronym for ‘Ministry of Transport’ is the MOT test that involves the thorough checking of the motor vehicles. The process includes the examination of the brakes, windscreen, headlights, seats, seatbelts, tyres, fuel oil, indicators, suspension brakes, exhaust, engine horn, and handbrake. This test is conducted in many of the garages all over the UK.   There are about 21,000 garages in Great Britain that carry out the test of car MOT in Worcester Park, Chessington and many other places all over the United Kingdom.   Reasons for the Failure of the MOT Test   Many of the vehicles fail to pass the MOT test because the vehicle owners do not bother to fix all the minor faults in their vehicles before the test. Some of these flaws are as follows:   Unclean Windscreen: Many car owners do not bother to wash their windscreens before the MOT test and thereby fail the test. This is a basic need which all car owners should consider.   Littered Vehicle: Car owners should take a spotlessly clean car for the test. Unnecessary items should be removed from the boot and cabin and the windows and mirrors of their cars should be scrubbed clean for passing the MOT test.   Flawed Registration Plate: Car owners should make sure that the registration plate of their vehicle is in accordance with DVLA rules. Missing letters or incorrect spacing on the registration plate would result in the failure of a vehicle to pass the MOT test.   Faulty Sticker Placement: Make sure the windscreen is devoid of stickers so that it does not block the driver’s view. The parking permits, stickers as well as the tax disc should be outside the sweep region of the car wiper.   Dashboard Devoid of Warning Lights: Your dashboard should not have any warning lights like ‘Anti-locking Braking System (ABS),’ or ‘Airbag (SRS).’ You must ensure to remove these warning lights before an MOT test.   Therefore, in order to successfully pass the MOT test, you should take your car to a center for car repair in Chessington or any of the major cities in the UK.  There are 21000 test centers all over the UK where the MOT test is done. Make sure it is an authorized center for Elm Wood Vehicles Ltd. for having the MOT test done on your vehicle. This center provides a wide range of services that includes repair of the brakes, clutches and different parts of a vehicle, annual vehicle servicing, MOT testing etc.