Skincare tips for men

If you want to be successful, you have to look neat and tidy. Taking care of your face and hair is a must for every modern men. Today, beauty industry offers thousands of different care products for men to treat their beard, face and hair. However, in can be difficult for inexperienced guys to choose and find what is best for them. Your basic morning routine should include vital steps that will provide you with feeling of freshness and cleanliness for the whole day. In order not to make a mistake or forget something important follow our guide, created by specialists at barber shop in new york city and update your daily treatment easily.


Step # 1 Cleanse

One splash of water in the morning is not enough to clean your face after a long night. Yes, it will help you to wake up faster, but your skin needs additional pampering. Use special soaps or tonics to wake your skin up too. If you have oily skin, morning face wash is a must! It will help you to get rid of greasy shine on your face and keep pH balance under control.


Step # 2 Exfoliate

This step is especially important for guys with dense and long facial hair. Having a beard already presupposes some additional skin care, and regular exfoliating is one of the basic procedures you should go for. It helps to remove excessive dirt and oil from your face, even purifying areas under your beard. Choose products, appropriate for your skin type to avoid dehydration and irritation.


Step # 3 Moisturize

Here is one more essential for bearded (and not very) guys. If you clean shave your chin every single day, your skin need aftershave hydration, if you have a long beard, it needs to be moisture as well. No matter where you go, use some creams, serums or oils to protect your face. In addition, almost all products have a pleasant scent to accompany you for all day long. Try this benefit, if you don’t have sensitive skin type, otherwise it can cause additional redness and itching.


Follow our tips, and stay cool 24/7.