Tax Agent Skill-Set Course

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In today’s incredibly fast-paced world, you need the appropriate skills to get ahead of the curve. Whether you are a fresh graduate and have gained enough theoretical knowledge about business, or you are a CPA or CA professional looking for registration with the Tax Practitioner’s Board as a registered Tax agent, you need to have practical skills to be as successful as, if not more than, the current leading professionals in the field.

If you wish to practice tax and commercial law and financial management, then tax agent skill set is the ideal choice as it will help you to understand relevant concepts of the same as well as its practical application in the Australian context. Not only will you be able to develop real world skills, but also be an independent registered tax agent with the tax Practitioner’s Board.

Learning Outcomes

What you will be able to learn in this course includes but is not limited to:

  1. The basic structure of tax and compliance obligations
  2. Preparing taxation documents for individuals as well as commercial clients
  3. Advising on the tax impacts of commercial & property transactions
  4. Evaluate tax obligations
  5. Implementing tax plans
  6. Professional and ethical responsibilities of a tax professional

Why Tax agent skill set?

This course balances technical material and practical application, combining tax law practices with academia. It is for people starting with entry-level skills, enabling them to perform tax compliance tasks with progressive difficulty levels.

Our course is approved by the Tax Practitioner’s Board (TPB) so you can be a registered tax agent, who knows how to tackle issues which real life practitioners face on a daily basis. You gain the prerequisite real world skills and knowledge to prepare income tax returns for individuals in accordance with statutory requirements. You will be able to assess taxation liabilities and optimise tax positions and much more, as the course is developed by consulting industry partners


The delivery method of this course is online and it is thus self-paced so you can make time for your immediate obligations. And you can check your progress online and on the go, using your PC, Smartphone or tablet.


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