Things to Know About the Cash for Gold Services

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If you are looking to get fast cash in Kansas City, cash for gold services might be your best bet. In this way, you can make use of your old broken jewelry to deal with unexpected or emergency financial crisis. Here are some things you need to be aware of when you sell gold jewelry in Kansas City,

Choosing the company

Since anyone can put up a sign ā€œWe buy goldā€ in the Kansas City, make sure that the company you select is reliable. Check if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau. Their website would provide you some of the basic details about the company. There are other online review websites like the Yelp that could help your quest. Otherwise, visit the store directly and speak with the person in charge. See whether they are transparent and meticulous about the whole process. If you feel like you are not offered the right value, search around until you receive one.

The value of the gold

Do not sell your jewelry without knowing its true value. The two factors that play a role in determining the worth of your gold are karate and weight. Do not forget the fact that the gold is a soft metal and are often mixed with the other metals during the jewelry making process. For example, if your ornament is 10K gold, then it has about 41.7% of gold in it. But the market price is based on 24k gold and can change by the minute. Thus, cash for gold companies would calculate the rate by using the total weight of gold present in the jewelry and the precise market value for it.


Mostly cash for gold companies would use an electronic tester or a scratch/acid test to evaluate the karat of the gold. A reliable dealer would use scales that are approved by the stateā€™s Department of Weights and Measures to ensure the accuracy of the reading.


Be warned. In most cases, colored stones would not add up any value. Diamonds, on the other hand, can have a significant impact on the price and even sometimes are valued more than the gold. Carry the required paperwork for the diamonds to boost the offer.


A reliable buyer would ask for your government-issued identifications to discourage the sale of stolen goods and money laundering. This is actually a rule. If you are not asked for an I.D, get out of that place immediately.

These tips would help you receive the best rate for your gold.

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