Things you need for your own little carnival


Since 1783, the world has known the beauty that is a carnival. The French rulers held the first carnivals in Trinidad and Tobago where the natives were not allowed to participate until 1883, when the emancipation bill was passed. Today carnivals have become a part of cultures around the world. Unlike the earlier ones these (sadly) do not include hunting parties. What they do have is a whole lot of fun! Rides, shows and food.

Your own carnival

Are you someone who doesn't like crowds or having to walk a mile from the cotton candy stand to the popcorn booth?

Well set one up in your backyard!

Things you need

Gather a few friends and tell them your idea for a fun weekend. Once they are onboard plan out the events. They may include small gags, skits and even bands shows. Once that is done with, comes the most important part. Food! Carnival treats are just yum. You can set up popcorn booths. Get one from the Great Northern Popcorn. The Great Northern Popcorn machines are a delight. The Great Northern Popcorn Commercial Quality Bar Style Popcorn Popper Machine, 12oz, will be perfect for this occasion. You can also get the cotton candy machines, hot dog rollers and snow cone and ice machines from the Great Northern Popcorn. They aren't as great as the Great Northern Popcorn machine but will do just fine.

Get a clown! No carnival is complete without a 'Fluebo' or 'Dumdum' or the 'not so great Eric' (all legit clown names).

Don't forget the decorations for the swagger of your party. Go crazy!

Set a date for the event and make sure everybody shows up. If anyone is unwilling, put him or her in the boot of you car and make him or her have a good time (just kidding). Print fliers and make events online and share it with your friends.

The secret Ingredient

If these were the only requirements for a successful backyard carnival then any dumdum (not used as a clown name) could deliver a hit! Nope. The most essential element for a fun carnival is, wait for it, you! Yes you! A party is as lively as it's host. So be sure to have a loads and loads of the good F (fun i mean!). If you see that is not helping be sure to stock up on them good fairy juice! Click here to know more details about Great Northern Popcorn machines.