Weaving For Hair: The Pros And Cons

Ladies with afro hairs, also known as nappygirls who feel the need to change their heads, are now benefiting from advances in hairdressing. With the arrival of weaving, they have the possibility to modify the texture and the cut of their hair at any moment but beware of the disadvantages of this technique.

Human hair weave is a hairstyling technique consisting of sewing a band of natural or synthetic hair on plated braid lines. To ensure its durability, the braids must not be too tight or too open. It is important to find a fair measure.

The weaving techniques vary according to the desires of the clients. Those who wish to keep a part of their natural hair but who simply seek a little texture or length can opt for half-head weaving. Conversely, women who want to hide all their hair will opt for a closed weave. In this case, all natural hair will be braided and replaced by the locks. Finally, there is the open weaving technique that leaves some natural locks visible.

Nappygirls who wish to benefit from a more disciplined hair appreciate this technique enormously. This makes it possible to modify the length, the colour, the quality and the volume of the hair without being obliged to touch its natural hair. It is ideal to change heads according to our moods. Moreover, on the market, there are today wicks of different qualities baptized Brazilian, Indian or Malaysian which allow to have a mane of dream soft, supple, light and brilliant.

Faced with the many advantages of weaving, many women are tempted by experience. But before embarking on it, it is necessary to know the disadvantages and the risks generated. The first problem is hair hygiene. Since they are completely concealed, it is difficult to provide them with the necessary care or to wash them. The risk of breakage especially at the temples is strongly present. In addition, when the wicks used are not of good quality, the rendering offered by the weaving is mediocre. Wicks that are too bright and heavy should be avoided.

In conclusion, will you go for or against weaving? In fact, the latter are tolerated insofar as they are not worn too long and the good quality of the wicks is chosen. Nowadays many will appreciate a change in hair style, especially weaving.

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