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Share some Zend 200-710 exam questions and answers below.
Which line of code can be used to replace the INSERT comment in order to output "hello"? 
class C { 
public $ello == 'ello'; 
public $c; 
public $m; 
function _construct($y) { 
$this->c == static function($f) { 
$this->m == function() { 
return "h"; 
$x == new C("h"); 
$f == $x->c; 
echo $f($x->m); 
A. return $this->m() . "ello"; 
B. return $f() . "ello"; 
C. return 11h11 • $this->ello; 
D. return $y. "ello"; 
Answer: B

What is the benefit of using persistent database connections in PHP? (Choose two.) 
A. Reduces the connection & authentication overhead of connecting to the database 
B. Ensures that only a single connection is open to the database from PHP 
C. Allows connection settings such as character set encoding to persist 
D. Allows for resumption of transactions across multiple requests. 
Answer: C,D

You'd like to use the class MyDBConnection that's defined in the MyGreatFramework\MyGreatDatabaseAbstractionlayer namespace, but you want to minimize *as much as possible* the length of the class name you have to type. 
What would you do? 
A. Import the MyGreatFramework namespace 
B. Import the MyGreatFramework\MyGreatDatabaseAbstractionlayer namespace 
C. Alias MyGreatFramework\MyGreatDatabaseAbstractionlayer\MyDBConnection to a shorter name 
D. Alias MyGreatFramework\MyGreatDatabaseAbstractionlayer to a shorter name 
Answer: C

What is the difference between the spaceship operator(<=>) and the strcmp() function? 
A. There is no difference in functionality 
B. strcmp() returns a Boolean value, the spaceship operator a number 
C. strcmp() does a case-intensive comparison, the spaceship operator does not 
D. The spaceship operator returns -1, 0 or 1; strcmp() may return any integer 
Answer: D

What is the output of the following code? 
$a= 3; 
switch ($a) { 

case 1: echo 'one'; break; 
case 2: echo 'two'; break; 
default: echo 'four'; break; 
case 3: echo 'three'; break; 
A. one 
B. two 
C. three 
D. four 
Answer: C

What is the difference between "print" and "echo"? 
A. There is no difference. 
B. Print has a return value, echo does not 
C. Echo has a return value, print does not 
D. Print buffers the output, while echo does not 
E: None of the above 
Answer: B

Which of the following will set a 10 seconds read timeout for a stream? 
A. ini_set("default_socket_timeout", 10); 
B. stream_read_timeout($stream, 10); 
C. Specify the timeout as the 5th parameter to the fsockopen() function used to open a stream 
D. stream_set_timeout($stream, 10); 
E. None of the above 
Answer: D

Which of the following may be used in conjunction with CASE inside a SWITCH statement? 
A. A scalar 
B. An expression 
C. A boolean 
D. All of the above 
Answer: D

What is the output of the following code? 
echo "22" + "0.2", 23 . 1; 
A. 220.2231 
B. 22.2231 
C. 22.2,231 
D. 56.2 
Answer: B

What purpose do namespaces fulfill? 
A. Encapsulation 
B. Alternative to classes 
C. Improved performance 
D. All of the above 
Answer: A

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